The LEADER In Packaging Solutions

A Commitment to Quality, Safety, Hygiene, Halal and Environmental responsibility.

Paper Bag Production

Raw material storage



Tuber connecting robotic stacker

Sewing & Overtaping (Heat Seal)

Pinch Bottoming

CNC Bottoming

CNC Bottoming with Digital Pasting

Drum Press Delivery with Metal Detector

Automated Palletizing

Rotaliner Sealer

Transystem Conveyor

Finished goods

Ready For Delivery


QC Testing Machine
Air Flow Tester

Hygiene Concepts

At CPM, great emphasis is placed on hygiene with proper cleaning before admission. Employees are also required to wear specially designed uniform with cap to reduce contamination, while the automated and robotic processes minimize human contact.

Safety Features

Metal detectors are extensively integrated in the production lines to ensure the safety of consumers, which is especially critical in providing food packaging solutions. The packing department is installed with several metal detectors to virtually cut off all hazards.

Pest Control System
Our Pest Control consists of 3 defences:

1st defence - External bait station (EBS)
2nd defence -Perimeter bait station (PBS)
3rd defence -Interior glue trap (GTP)
In addition, our pest control also includes Insect Light Trap, X-Lure Beetle Trap, Oil & Water Based Fogging. All pest control work is done and maintained by a professional and certified pest control company.

Caring For The Environment

Throughout the plant, sound absorption metal boards were installed on walls to minimize sound pollution. Great effort is done on ensuring that chemical substances are filtered out before allowing water to be drained. We want to make sure that our operations will not pollute the planet.